What real estate is profitable to invest money – 4 popular options

Experts in the field of investment believe that investments in real estate are much less risky than trading on the stock exchange, investing start-ups and businesses. The reason is simple: real estate is very rarely cheaper.

It is most profitable to invest money in immovable objects in large cities. This is especially true for residential premises. At the same time, there is a direct relationship: the larger the city, the more profitable it is to invest money in real estate. This fact is connected, first of all, with a difference of liquidity on it in various cities.

But it is important to understand that in each locality you can find your suitable real estate for investment. To get the maximum profit, you should conduct a thorough analysis of all existing areas and choose the most profitable of them.

Option 1. Residential real estate

This option is most available to private investors. The risk of investment in residential real estate is minimal.

There are two ways to earn money by purchasing residential real estate:

purchase for resale at a higher cost;
purchase for rental.
In any case, buying an apartment, it is important to pay attention to the following criteria:

location – in a prestigious, residential or student area, environmentally friendly, remote from the city center;
the layout of the premises, including the presence of a balcony, combined or separate bathroom;
condition – availability and quality of repair;
infrastructure – how far are kindergartens, schools, clinics, public transport stops, shops.
In general, any, even a seemingly insignificant criterion can matter to customers:

view from the window;
contingent area of ​​location.
To buy an apartment (or other residential property) as profitably as possible, you will have to look for it yourself, without the help of a realtor. However, it is important to check the purity of the transaction. How to do this and what you need to know when buying an apartment in the primary and secondary housing market, we told in the last issue.

Option 2. Commercial real estate

This option is for more experienced investors. For such investments are suitable as office and retail space of a small size, as well as a large area of ​​building, designed to accommodate warehouses, supermarkets, production plants.

Such premises are consistently in high demand. A huge number of businessmen are looking for areas for business and are ready to give rent to their owner. Those who acquire commercial real estate, it remains to regularly make a profit on their investments.

It is useful for an investor to know that when choosing a commercial real estate as an object, it is required to have a sufficiently large sum of money. Contributions in this direction usually begin with five to seven million rubles.

Option 3. Land plots

For the purchase of land requires a smaller amount of money than for the purchase of an apartment or commercial real estate.

There are a number of advantages of investing in land:

minimum probability of fraud;
no repairs are required;
lack of utility bills;
the purchase procedure is easier than for other real estate;
relatively low taxes;
simple design;
no need to resort to the help of realtors.
All land can be classified by purpose of use. For short-term investments with minimal expenses, the most suitable sites are those used for construction. More long-term investments should be made in land intended for use in agriculture and industry.

But there are also disadvantages of investing in land. First, the state tightened control over the use of land in accordance with its purpose. In addition, taxes on this type of property have recently been raised.

Option 4. Country real estate

Buying suburban real estate in order to resell it is a steadily profitable occupation. This is especially true for large metropolitan areas due to the fact that more and more often their residents are trying to settle down or have the opportunity to rest as far as possible from city noise and dirty air.

There are several options for investing in suburban real estate:

the acquisition of objects under construction;
investment in ready cottages;
purchase of land intended for the construction of suburban real estate.
The prospect of investing in suburban real estate increases over time. But when choosing an object for purchase, you should pay attention to its location, existing infrastructure and communications. Other factors important for creating comfortable living conditions may also be of great importance.